One fine afternoon!

20th April 2015


Summer arrived in Kathmandu! After almost a week of detouring here and there, summer announced itself in Kathmandu boldly. Scorching in Mid-afternoon! I was going back to office from a meeting; a pretty interesting one if I must say! A half an hour long meeting; with me drilling questions and the lady answering with maybe-s an around-s, really very interesting! See, I love my work!

So, as I was backing, I started observing; my favorite time pass! Staring at my fellow passers-by and shops whose life-size mannequins have taken over the walkway, dressed in fancy summery garments! There were all sorts of people. It was mid-day, so less people. There were housewives- running around with their shopping bags; college girls in groups- gossiping endlessly; boys from shops- hooting at those girls; street dogs sleeping lazily and motorbikes and a few cars passing busily on my right! Consistent Zwwiii and occasional horns! All beneath the scorching heat! Umbrellas everywhere! (I myself had one!) Some were walking swiftly, some sluggishly! Some were walking and shouting on their cell-phones and some were pushing others in their hurry and not even saying sorry! While some were peeking at the shops; indecisive of whether they should take a look and keep walking, creating a momentary people-jam!

And amidst all these variety of strides, a kid was coming my way, marching in his uniform and was holding his mother’s hand! A mere 8-9 year old little man, he seemed to be returning home from school. Kids are amazing, always delightful! What was even more amazing was that he had his eyes closed and had his right arm held open as if in an embrace. He would let his hand brush across other pedestrians and strangers with his eyes closed. He would then laugh and jubilate and open one eye to see who his stooge was! His mother seemed embarrassed and would say “nagara vaneko” but her commands went unheeded! It was such a joyful sight, that I was literally grinning on the middle of the street! And the people he passed nad brushed across were smiling too! As I brushed past him, I grabbed his hand! He was surprised, opened his both eyes; let out a shriek and a peal of laughter. I winked at him and we; his mother, him and myself, were all laughing for a minute. As we went in our own directions, he looked back and smiled. I winked at him again and moved ahead. A few steps ahead I heard his giggle again but at a distance! He must be restarted his game!  Another stranger, BINGO! I didn’t look back; but I was smiling again!

Happiness isn’t that difficult to get, is it? It is always right where we want it to be!

  1. Happiness is as simple as finding it in children, a person’s touch & a smile. Just what I wanted to read this morning! Thank you and have a great day!

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