Shrawan~ a month of greenery!

18th July 2016

As the clouds, travelling all the way from Bengal shower their love over the subcontinent, the earth responds with brilliant greenery. It is the most beautiful shade of green; in all its nascent rawness; fresh and new, as if the earth is celebrating life and vigour in full splendour.

The smell of the rain soaked earth is mesmerizing; heavenly indeed; absolutely awe-inspiring. It is as if earth is making love; and not in any obscene or raunchy sort of way but rather pure and magnificent. The lush greenery of the world at this time; the freshness of paddy as it rises from the soil soaking in the rain; the dancing leaves of the tress in the rain is but a piece of art; where nature takes the brush and adds monsoon hues to the world. The air is clean and fresh; and the when the sun peeks in between from the clouds; the world transforms in its golden light.

The adjoining hills are heavenly, with the clouds reigning in all directions, venturing as low as they can. The earth at this time is seductive and bold and the sky adds more to its vigour. There are not much flowers during this season; only the green, brown and grey and it seems that other colours in the following seasons are born from them afterwards.

Rivers are also alive; gurgling with vigour as rain drops pour into them from hinterlands; gifted by their beautiful cousin clouds, brought all the way from Bengal. In turn, it flows and flows, exhilarated to meet the sea. In the course, it breaks all the barriers; takes many forms; unruly and wild.

The nature comes alive in Shrawan, the Nepali month from mid July to mid august,  is brilliant and uncouth. All living beings, human alike are swept in its heat; reflected in their habits, customs and traditions. A good rain in Shrawan is an answer to farmer’s prayers as it is very crucial for a good harvest. This must be the reason why it is considered a holy month, when people fast and pray to Lord Shiva, the deity of destruction. According to Hindu myth, there was a Samudra Manthan during ancient times, where, the ocean was churned to get the precious resources and while churning, a pot of poison also surfaced. As the poison was dangerous, Lord Shiva drank it and stored it in his throat, thus securing the poison within his throat and saving the world from its wrath. Hence, Shrawan is considered a holy month and many women worship Lord Shiva during this month.

Every myth is but a reflection of any communities’ perception / practice and I believe this goes back to our riparian roots; inspired by nature around. Even if we ignore the myth around it, one cannot doubt that Shrawan month is beautiful and pure; and inspires each and every soul.


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    • kabiraj
    • July 19th, 2016

    happy this colorful season shrawan, may your mehandi be dark enough 🙂

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