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#PressforProgress-  #IWD2018

8th March 2018

“Why do you need to celebrate women’s day”? Some (men) ask. “Aren’t you (in particular) getting equal rights to study, to work and to live”? “Yes, I have. We have come a long way, we acknowledge that. I (in particular) have been lucky, that my parents decided to educate me, raise me the best they could offer, and without much partiality. I have to admit though I cannot always ignore the whisperings, behind my back, when I take any unconventional decision; from people and my own relatives blaming it all on the freedom my parents gave me. I cannot ignore many lewd and unfair remarks that I have heard over the years; all that seemed to have come because I am a girl, a woman. I cannot ignore that my parents have had to be extra careful, extra protective, extra tensed all my life because I am a woman and they have to keep me safe. I admit that I have been lucky that I could choose, what to read, where to work and when (and whom) to marry. I cannot ignore that so much of our efforts at home or at family front go unappreciated because “that’s’ what women are born to do”. I cannot ignore that people expect us to fit into a certain role and perform certain duties without our consent. I cannot ignore how we are expected to keep quite at our own discomfort because the society will never acknowledge the pain.

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