Missing someone!

9th August 2018

missing someone

Missing someone isn’t always limited to a mental and emotional state. Sometimes, it may go beyond heart yearnings and can manifest itself into a physical form. You miss a person and your body aches- physically. You feel this acute pain; a void that can numb you. It isn’t same as a physical wanting; desire or lust. It doesn’t have any sexual shade to it. It is pain and yet not just any pain. The heart has its ways you see.

You ache to see that person in front of you; their image blinds you. You may not see the entire person, but you get flashbacks of little things- like his smile; his eyes; or the way they look at you. It needn’t be glorious things always. You may also get flashbacks of his annoying ways, annoying expressions; his gestures; his tone of voice when he is angry and such. Your mind repeatedly plays it in your mind screen. You want to hear that person; and no, talking to that person on the phone or through a video call doesn’t help. It won’t work when you heart is in rebellion. You need him to be physically present- there and then, with you. You want to feel that person- a hug, a touch, anything. You want to smell that person; as crazy and funny it may sound; you do; just a tiny whiff maybe. It may sound like you have lost your mind; but you wouldn’t think it then. The heart is rebelling and it itself doesn’t care where it’s headed to. You have flashbacks of subtle things- some jokes that you both laughed at; a stupid movie that you watched together; a song you hummed together; or a good dish that you both enjoyed. It could be some big fight that you had or some disagreements well into past. It makes you smile and cry at the same time; till the nostalgic pain is just too much to bear. The pain that arises from the left corner of your chest, then flows through your veins and capillaries and reaches every organ and every cell; numbing you entirely. The pain sharpens and excoriates and as the heart climaxes; it will give in and releases the pain; diluting it with your tears through your eyes. The pain doesn’t go away but the heart and mind will bury it deep within you; only to germinate later into a thicker, stronger nostalgia.

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