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As if all your curls have thoughts of their own;
Dreams of their own;
And are rebelling against the comb;
Shooting here, there and everywhere;
Won’t follow the convention;
Won’t be tamed, won’t be framed;
And won’t apologize for being the way they are;
I hope you grow to love them ,darling the way they are;
I hope you grow to love yourself too the way you are;
I hope you find peace with your curls;
And embed their spirit into yours.


I will always love you a little more.

21 Jan 2020

I have loved you a little more, cause I have known you a little more.

As you grew from a few cells to my little baby, as you kicked and turned around in my belly, I have loved you a little more.

As I ran like a maniac, to hospitals, many times in fear that I lost you before I held you, I have loved you a little more.

As you came out crying out of me , all in blood and doctor held you so that I could see you, I have loved you a little more.

As you wailed and hungrily gobbled up milk and slept in my arms, day in and day out, I have loved you a little more.

As you cried and smiled, cooed and took in your first sights, I have loved you a little more.

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​I am what I am!

18th July 2017

I maybe means to some, while an end to others;

A protector at one turn, a destroyer in another ;

A prayer offered or an answered boon,

A quest for some and an outcome to others;

I maybe anything you take me for;

But I am what I am and

I will always be what I will be! 



My thoughts swoop and plummet,
Deep down at one instant,
Only to soar right up in another,
And disintegrate,
Like a fire cracker,
Or a rain drop,
Into thousand smaller thoughts,
Of no particular shape,
Or size or consistency,
Each thought soar and plummet further,
Miniscule and scattered in a thousand directions,
Here, there and everywhere,
Till it breaks again and clubs again,
To a form a haze,
Of a thousand ideas and,
A zillion notion,
Each one complete in its incompleteness,
Assertive in its doubtfulness,
Strong in its weakness,
Contradicting with its very existence,
Premature and impulsive,
As I stare at my screen,
Trying hard to focus,
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The wicked heat,

The dust,

The haze,

from forests burning far away;

The plight,

The suffocation,

The stench,

of the rivers turned into sewage;

The thirst,

The distress,

The dearth,

of every soul living in earth;

You quench it all,

You clean it all,

You negate all,

With your trillions of drops that fall;

In few minutes, an hour or more of you,

The world parched, thus survives and continues anew.