A silent understanding:)

I am doing the dishes;

Lifehouse is playing in the background;

I am lost in the “everything”;

And you come around hesitating;

Give that smile of yours;

Meekly , slowly talk about others;

I can read your mind ;

I know what is going inside;

But still you talk about this and that;

Without giving the issue a start;

Tell me “Fuchii, did you like the photo?”

I laugh inside and say “of course, it is awesome keto”

And we again talk this and that; here and there;

Never uttering  a word, into facebook you disappear;

I am you sister, been with you for 17 years;

I understand all the meanings of your smiles, needs and tears;

I love you so much Babu, so much so;

And you love me too, without much ado;

Neither do you need to tell me that nor do I;

That we are siblings cum friends cum soulmates, dear bhai;

I know “Thankyou”s and “I love you”s, you will never say;

But the love and trust don’t need them, they always stay;

And then I reach the office, open fb and guess what I see;

Something that knew without your saying , a wallpost  “thankss Fuchhii”!!!


Unrequited love:/

I love him, I love him so much,

but it’s impossible

because he’s the sun; shining high

warming us all and illuminating the sky

while I am nothing, but a speck of dust

lying on a road, wasted and utterly lost.

I need him, I need him so much,

but it’s impossible

because he is the joy, brilliantly true

lightening up a million faces with his warm hue

while i am nothing, but a fallen tear

borne from hopelessness, pain and unspoken fear.

I want him, I want him so much

but it’s impossible

because he is the song, melodious and pacifying to all

sung from within, from the very soul

while I am nothing, but a wretched noise

like the screech of nail on the metal, despicable as it annoys.

So it’s necessary to keep my feelings unknown

dear heart, you’ll be disguised and never shown

I’ll ignore him, lie to him and pretend

because staying away from him is what i intend

So, I’ll smile, fake and hide the pain

I’ll act nonchalant again and again

I ache, dear heart, when I hear him talk about the other girl,

it really hurts, I burn, I bleed and I tumble

deep down into unworthiness and self-hatred

it’s very difficult and I want the pain to end

So, even if i suffer, I’ll have to magnify the distance

its for our own good, dear heart, listen to me at least for once