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Understanding RAGE!!

“RAGE” i wonder how that originates!!! Does it start from our unconscious; deep within from our hidden dreams, unfulfilled desires or is the harsh reality, always tusseling with our principles, its mother?? I could just google and look more into psychoanalysis, google-baba would happily show me more than a million “sangrahit pratilipiharu”but right now, i need to understand this paricular rage inside me. This rage, my rage, is blinding my visions and slowing my thought process. This rage is shaking me from within; suffocating me; fuelling my anger; making me wanna say things, t wouldn’t otherwise; making me do things, i wouldnt do otherwise. I am trying to control it; gritting my teeth, trying to keep my mouth shut, thinking about this and that, trying to be optimistic, but i swear to god, its not working.

I am trying to understand it, this rage and I am trying to get to its roots. And i just don’t seem to get it. I don’t know what i am so mad at, pathetic isn’t it??I search for the reason again, its all dark,deep and dense down there. Too many instances, too many reasons, too many dissatisfactions seem to link, chain and form a collage; with the actual reason deep within in its core. And I just dont seem to reach it, just dont seem to get to the core.Grr.. Continue reading