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For my bestie Grishma

“Strangers are just friends, waiting to happen.”,Someone said that a long time ago, and it still holds true for everyone.I had known Grishma Bajrachrya, for a long time, infact we were classmates since Grade 2, but not close enough to know the girl inside her. I got to know her better, on the summer of ’04 or the beginning of Grade 9. Its amazing how life gifts us with wonderful friends in the most wonderful way. Known her for almost 7 years earlier, and yet on that fateful day, we came closer to each other and became such amazing friends. A slight nod, a warm smile a short chitchat was all that was needed to plant the amazing seeds of our friendship. That Was indeed a fateful day, as if the whole cosmos with all the stars were labouring to bless me with the jewels of friends, because through the following recess, lunch and the end of the day, I had made strong and precious friends like Sabita and Krishna along with Grishma. That was the day when the strong thread of frienship worked its sweet miracles amongst the life of 7 of us, my precious Neelima, Grishma, Tika, Puja, Sabita and Krishna and bonded us permanently.

I am trying to describe my friendship with Grishma here but cannot find the exact words. The amazing friendship between us that is immortalized by the moments we shared in and outside the classes, still make me smile. The jokes we made, the names we created, the secrets we hushed over, the teasings, the stories we made, the gossips, the chatterings, the naughtiness and pranks and the sheer madness we shared nurtured the relationship. The sharing of tiffins and the mindless gigglings reared it further. The chatting in the assembly, the gatherings by the Girl’s toilet, the bonking of classes together to read novels; these moments are simply unforgettable. The love for books, the hunger to read more and the sheer insanity of Harry Potter was the strong similarities between us. We even used to compete on scribbling Daniel’s name anywhere and everywhere. I still remember that she even wrote it in her tie. Ahh, those insane, daniel crazy days!!!! A year flew by, and we were again separated in the next term. Yet, when i think of grade 10, in spite of the fact that we were all in different classes, the best moments are the ones i spent with these super girls. The gatheroings by the girls toilet, the pre assembly chatting, The bonking of classes made it possible. And also the eye conversations between the periods(from two separate rooms), the book sharings and paper chat in between the periods were the best. With Grishma, i even went to tuition classes together, and in those tution moments: the first encounter with Dan’s replica, the panipuri and Grishma’s mamagharko roti; unforgettable!

School ended, and we went to different colleges. But thanks to Graham Bell, Grishma and I were still together and updated on each other’s lives. The awkwardness never crept between us; we never missed out on each other. New college, new friends and yet our friendship remained intact. And still today, i know i can always count on her.

Grishma is simply amazing! During school, we even shared the same likes and dislikes. The strongest like between us was undoubtedly Harry Potter and dislikes starting from Jaljala, goes onto make a long list. Our opinions were also quite similar, though she is and always have been stronger than me. The Grishma, i know, is the chubby, frank, funny girl who has got this unpredictable monkey inside her. She’s what she is, no pretense. She doesn’t need to please anyone but effortlessly pleases eveyone. And she can make friends. She has so many friends, anywhere and everywhere ,that at times it make me wonder, how on earth does she remember everyone! But at making friends and keeping them is the best side of Grishma Bajracharya. She can remember each and every thing of her friends and to my amazement, even of the strangers. She can even tell what a passing stranger had worn last tuesday? 🙂

Grishma and I share more than frienship- we share the bond of sisterhood. She is the one who knew the real me, in such a short time, she found me and she brought the devil side inside me. I will never forget the naughty pranks she put me up; Neelima advising me against it and Grishma encouraging me for it; like the good angel and the naughty devil present in every mind. I ended up listening to the naughty devil and even the good angel enjoyed it.She understands me, my happiness, my sorrows; my silences, my confessions; my mood sways and my secrets. She knows my constant dillema, my weaknesses, my beliefs and my strengths. She accepts me with all my virtue nad vice and never judges me. She accepts me the way i am.

I know, that this beautiful friendship will never end; it will bloom and blossom in the further years. I love you, Grishma Bajracharya and i want you to know that you are an important part of my life, an important side to me. I want you to be you always, happy,smiling, and making the world around you happy with that careful smile of yours and be there with me throughout. Happy Birthday Dear!